Monday, August 12, 2013


We've had the cat now about 3 months.  His name quickly changed from Oreo to Gato.  Can't tell you how much we love this little guy.  I love to get pix of him sleeping - he is always in some crazy position.  How he sleeps like this I'll never know. 

Wednesday, May 01, 2013


I cannot believe we have a cat.  Long story short, we were due to get a puppy and decided it was too much for our life style so Henry wanted a cat.  We went to the shelter and he picked Oreo.  He is just the sweetest, funniest, adorable cat ever.  We learn new things about him every day.  He's a year and a half old and I cannot believe anyone would give him up.  He's just so sweet.  He follows us around the house and plays with his toys and is just too cute.  I was never a cat lover in the past but I am reformed.  We love you Oreo!

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Half Jewish

Henry was asking me one day about circumcision and I tried explaining to him why he was circumcised and how it’s done and about Jewish people and bris’s.  So we went to Mark’s mom’s house for dinner one night and he says “Mom Mom, I’m half Jewish” and she says “You are?” and he says “right mom?”.  I said “ummmmm no” and I said why do you think that?  He said because I had my foreskin removed!

Friday, October 05, 2012

And Bread on the Bottom

Sometimes I forget that Henry is still just a kid.  He takes everything so literally - which is still cute at his age.  The other day I was making his lunch for work (usually daddy's job) and I said to him "you just want bread and ham right?"  and his reply was "and bread on the bottom".  I started laughing because in his head he was thinking I was only going to give him one slice of bread and some ham.  I could just see him picturing me making the sandwich in his head. 

Thursday, September 06, 2012

7th Grader!

Henry started 7th grade today.  7th grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How, when?  Oh Mary!  Well he's definitely growing up.  He was very nervous (the usual) how will I find my classes, how will I know which class comes next, what if the teacher yells at me because I'm late because I couldn't find my class.  I said you will be fine.  You know the school, you can ask a teacher if you get lost, you can ask a friend.  So when he got home, I asked him how his day was.  This is how that conversation went:

M:  How was school?
H:  Eh
M:  Did you like your teachers?
H:  Eh
M:  Did you get any mean teachers?
H:  No
M:  Did you know anyone in any of your classes?
H:  Yes
M:  Was Jackie in any of your classes?
H:  I don't know.
M:  How could you not know?
H:  I didn't look.
M:  Ummmmmmmmmmm, ok.  Are you glad the first day is over with?
H:  No, because it's only the first day and not the first day of summer vacation.
M:  Sigh!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

White Water Rafting

I'm not sure you could call this white water rafting.  It was more like still water rafting but it was still fun.  The "funniest" part was getting caught in a huge downpour - I mean rain drops the size of gum balls!  It was crazy but we had a great time!

Kyla and Paige

My two great neices had their birthday this month.  They are adorable especially in matching swim suits!  Happy Birthday Girls!

Grange Fair

We were headed to the Grange Fair and asked Troy, Maureen and Jaxon if they wanted to go with.  They did and I was happy because when Jaxon is around, Henry is a mother hen, such a different kid.  He loves that little boy so much.  They really are sweet together.  Kissing Cousins!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Mall

The other day I took Henry to the mall to get a game.  On the way out he says he saw a kid there he knew from school.  I said did you say hi?  He said NO - he's not a friend - I just know him from school.  I said ohhhh.  So on the way out he sees him standing outside.  He says "that's him".  So as we were walking by this kid, Henry makes a beeline about 10 feet in front of me.  I'm trying to catch up and say "why are you walking ahead of me"?  He says "shhhh, don't talk he'll hear you".  I said ok.  When we got to the car, I said "did something happen with this boy, was he mean to you".  He said "no, I didn't want him to see me with my mom at the mall".  I said "WHAT"???  Why not?  He says "it's not cool to be seen with your mom at the mall".  So we get into the car and I said "I am feeling a little upset that you don't want to be seen with me, lots of kids go to the mall with their parents".  He said "it doesn't matter any place else, but not at the mall, it's not cool".  Sigh!!!  He's growing up.