Thursday, September 06, 2012

7th Grader!

Henry started 7th grade today.  7th grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How, when?  Oh Mary!  Well he's definitely growing up.  He was very nervous (the usual) how will I find my classes, how will I know which class comes next, what if the teacher yells at me because I'm late because I couldn't find my class.  I said you will be fine.  You know the school, you can ask a teacher if you get lost, you can ask a friend.  So when he got home, I asked him how his day was.  This is how that conversation went:

M:  How was school?
H:  Eh
M:  Did you like your teachers?
H:  Eh
M:  Did you get any mean teachers?
H:  No
M:  Did you know anyone in any of your classes?
H:  Yes
M:  Was Jackie in any of your classes?
H:  I don't know.
M:  How could you not know?
H:  I didn't look.
M:  Ummmmmmmmmmm, ok.  Are you glad the first day is over with?
H:  No, because it's only the first day and not the first day of summer vacation.
M:  Sigh!

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