Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Big Brother

Not that long before Norman died I had thought about doing a layout on how Henry is like Norman's big brother. I see all these brother layouts and just love them and wanted to do one for Henry. Just today I found my journaling for the layout I had in mind. Here is what it reads:

The Big Brother – journaling for page about Henry and Norman

I was thinking recently that I would love to do a page about Henry being a big brother but since Henry is an only child I knew that wouldn’t happen. However, I thought of Norman. Henry and Norman are like brothers in some ways. Norman used to be the big brother when Henry was a baby – he would look out for him, hover over him, lay down on the floor with him and give him kisses. Through the years Henry (being a typical kid) would pull his ears, pull his tail and just plain tease him. Of course, now Norman is a little afraid of Henry. After many years of telling Henry to leave the dog alone and too many time outs to count Henry has gotten much better about treating Norman a little better. However, Norman is still a little afraid of Henry and will cower when Henry approaches him. So I think Henry has become the big brother. Big brothers are always tougher and beat up a little on little brothers. So in some ways they are brothers – they have each other, love one another, play together – all the things brothers do.


I'm now thinking I may just do a layout on being an only child.

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