Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dana and Billy

My "new" friends Dana and Billy were married this past weekend. The wedding was spectacular - all the bells and whistles and Dana had all the little touches that make the wedding just perfect. We had a great time with all my new scrapbooking buddies and their men. Congrats Dana and Billy! All the best!


michelle said...

love it.
i hope people look at this and know i was in the wedding. i hope they dont think i dress like that for every wedding i go to! :)


HEY, me & Dana aren't in that picture!! can someone photoshop us in?? LOL

Daily dose of Dana said...

Hey Tina, That was so nice! I love the pics you sent me - but I am with Gess can someone photoshop us in that pic - its adorable but we are missing!lol! I am glad you had fun at the wedding!