Monday, October 01, 2007


Henry is now on a league. His team is named Team Raichu (don't ask - it's a pokemon thing). Here are his team mates - uh huh - ok - looks like a lively bunch doesn't it? Erin never smiles and Marcus is always smiling AND Henry kicks the machine when he misses! Lovely! Bowling has brought back so many memories of when I was on a league as a kid - it was so much fun. Eating at the snack bar, stinky shoes that get sprayed after you drop them off, choosing a ball that wasn't too heavy, learning how to stand, walk, swing, roll, the noise of the pins being hit by the balls, the noise of the gutter balls, the noises all around. I hope Henry enjoys bowling as much as Mark and I did as kids (and still do).

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Anonymous said...

Waaaay to go Henry!!! Is that your legs or Marks?? Ha ha!!