Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter Hutch

Ok - so I'm a bad parent. We never made a gingerbread house for Christmas this year even though I bought the kit. So when Easter was approaching I asked Henry if he wanted to make an Easter Bunny Hutch - he said he did - so I pulled out the Gingerbread house and he was a little curious and said we can't use that - I said sure we can! So I said if we just put some coconut on it - it will look like Easter - hahahah! So here's the hutch that Henry and Brock made. Oh and the bunnies on the top - I was told they were fighting bunnies! Boys!


zookeeper08 said...

Creativity at Easter can make up for a too busy Christmas!

Good job, Mom!

Anonymous said...

How Martha Stewart of you. I only have one questions, who puked on the bunnies in front of the hutch??
What creative little kids. I don't ever remember having a bunny hutch, lucky Henry!