Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Pumpkin Pictures - sigh

Getting pumpkin picking pictures to me is the best - the colors of fall - the outdoors - the bright orange pumpkins. Now that Henry is almost 11 he's definitely of his own mind. He refused to take his hood off for a picture because he had just had his hair cut the day before. He also refused to wear the clothes that I wanted him to wear to match the colors of fall. sigh! It made me a little sad to see all the mom's at Styers taking pix of their little ones all dressed for fall with those cute little round faces in awe of all the pumpkins. sigh! I miss those days. I know they have to grow up and I know eventually I won't have any pumpkin pictures at all unless I make Mark stand there and pose. Sigh! Oh well, at least he enjoyed picking out his "warty" pumpkin. Sigh!

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