Thursday, June 02, 2011

My Birds

Even my birds are dysfunctional. We had a Robins nest in our bush and Mark decided to show a neighbor boy the birds - well I think they scared them and they all fell out of the nest. They were very close to flying but still couldn't fly so were running all over my porch and front yard - they kept putting them back in the nest and then the birds would jump out again. I finally said - leave them alone! Then a silly wren decided to build her next in my geranium plant. I was so excited becuase she laid eggs and I could see them by just peeking in. We went away for the weekend and when we came home - the birds and the eggs were gone. Not even a trace of a shell. Then I bought a couple of bird houses for my porch - Mark said - they won't live in there! Well sure enough a pair of chickadees make a nest in it and I was so excited. Mark comes running into the house one day and says - I need something to put a baby back into the bird house. So one baby was dead and the other one was on the ground flailing about. We put the live one back in and hoped for the best. So far I think they are ok. I have too much bird drama!

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