Monday, July 25, 2011

The Dog Rescuers

I feel like we are always rescuing (sp?) someones dog. The other night on my way home I saw Mark and Henry walking down our street and Henry points to a dog on the side of the road. So before I know it Henry is opening my car door and letting the dog in. I said what are you doing? He said we need to take him home to make sure he doesn't get killed. I said does he have a tag? No. So we drove around looking for someone looking for their dog. Asked a few people - nothing. Now it's dark and I don't know what to do so we take the dog home and hope a posting on craigs list will pan out. We take his picture - post a few pix on craigs list and decide we should take him for a walk and see if anyone is looking for him. Luckily as soon as got into the development across the street from us a woman stops in her car and says have you seen another dog.....ACE? ACE is that you? So the dog runs up to her and is excited to see her - she is just as excited to see him. They had just moved into their apt. and the dog got out. She said her husband was beside himself. So after we leave Henry got a little upset because of course I think he thought we were going to get to keep him. He asked when we were going to get OUR dog. SIGH! I told him after we come back from vacation we will look for a dog to rescue. I'm not sure I'm ready but I can't keep putting it off. I'm sure once we meet our new housemate we'll fall instantly in love but for now.....stay tuned.

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Daily dose of Dana said...

awww Tina, I feel bad, for Henry, you and Ace, if ya want to rescue rosco for a day he is all yours!