Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Last night was the worst night sleep! Why? Skunks! We have the worst skunk problem in our neighborhood. Here is how my night went:

11:30 pm - went to bed
12:30 am - heard noises outside my bedroom window
12:31 am - INCOMING!!!!!!!!!! The skunk sprayed right below our bedroom window
12:32 am - I'm coughing and gagging and holding my nose running for the kitchen
12:33 am - I'm lighting candles all over the house and trying to rid it of the smell - I cannot believe Mark and Henry and sleeping through this!
12:34 am - try to go back to sleep - lay there for a bit
1:38 am - I'm on the web trying to find ways to get rid of skunks in our yard!
1:40 am - INCOMING!!!!!!!!! The skunk has now sprayed the front of our house right where I'm sitting at the computer! I'm dying here!
1:41 am - I'm closing the windows and turning on the air conditioner!
1:45 am - spraying the house and bedding with febreeze
2:00 am - blowing out the candles I'm going to try and get some sleep
6:45 am - house still smells
7:15 am - giving Henry kiss goodbye at the same time smelling his hair to make sure he doesn't stink
7:18 am - on my way to work planning my revenge in the car! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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michelle said...

EWWW gross! better you than me! last night we found racoons here in the mountains digging in the trash. i would rather that then skunks anyday!