Monday, August 21, 2006

It's GONE!!!!

Henry lost his first tooth today. It was a very funny way of happening which I'm glad because now he'll probably never forget it. We were at my mother's house and he was just playing with it - you could see it was bugging him. My sister Mary says "do you want Uncle Raymond to pull it out with a string"? Henry says "yes". So Mary gets some thread and tells Raymond not to actually pull it out (she was afraid it would hurt him) just to fake breaking the string so Henry would think it didn't work. So Raymond breaks the string but little did he (and everyone else) know that it actually worked. Henry didn't feel a thing and the tooth was out. It fell some place on the floor but none of us could find it. It was the funniest site (I wish I had gotten a picture) about 12 adults all bent over looking for the missing tooth! What a riot! I finally found it - whew! Henry is now officially a big boy with big boy teeth coming in - at least that's what HE thinks! He had me write a note to the toothfairy asking her to let him keep the tooth so he could show his friends but that he wanted money for the tooth also. "She" said she would this time only! That kid is cleaning up- Grandma gave him $2 and the toothfairy gave him $5!

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