Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Running Away from Home

I just had to write to tell everyone one of Henry's ever-so-cute stories. He announced last night around 9pm that he was running away from home. I don't think it was he was upset, I think it was more "I'm going on an adventure" type thing. He wasn't mad and nothing happened up to that point to make him want to leave. So he announces it and I asked "in the dark?" and he said "I have my flashlight" - I asked "where will you sleep?" - he said "I don't know - outside" - and I asked "won't the mosquitos get you?" - he said "I'm going" - and put on his shoes - and I said "but I'll miss you" - he said "you can come with me." I said "but I don't want to get eaten by mosquitos and who will daddy live with he'll miss us" and he said "he can come too" and I asked"then why are we running away?" He wasn't sure at that point so I asked him "what about all your toys?" and he said "we'll all go and I'll bring all my toys" and I said "well then maybe we should just stay here" so he said "ok and took off his shoes". It was hysterical - one for the record books. I couldn't help posting it - loved loved loved it! He cracks me up!

Henry please don't run away too soon - I really will miss you my little munchkin!

It made me think about the time I was about his age and said I was running away and packed 2 pairs of underwear and off I went to sit on the corner.

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