Wednesday, August 02, 2006


How much does Henry look like my brother!?!? It's weird. I was just given these pictures by my sister and as soon as I saw the pictures of Tony I thought wow he and Henry really look alot alike! I remember when Henry was born and he had to be wisked off to the nursery before I could really get a good look at him so Mark followed the nurse and took video. When he came back to my room to show me the first words out of my mouth were "oh my gosh he looks exactly like Tony"! I couldn't believe it! These pictures prove it!


Donna said...

Hi guys, glad to see how handsome Henry is but I really think he looks like Mark. Sorry to hear about your little pooch, I feel your pain we lost one of our labs 2 yrs ago. We did have to go and get another dog because our other lab was failing like he was gonna die too, so we have a 120lb 11yr old lab and a 15lb min pin who has brought the life right back into him. I have been trying to find a female so I can breed him he is so handsome.
Well enough of that! So glad you have a blog, my sister convinced me to get one to let everyone know how I was doing with this stupid cancer I have. Who the %e** would have ever thought us kids would get this crap from our parents clothes etc. Oh well, I have to deal with it we all have to go home sometime:) Give the boys a kiss for me and hope to see you all soon!

gessika said...

Tina, I thought those pics were of Henry, just black & white, until I read the blog!!! they do look like twins!!!