Friday, February 22, 2008

FINALLY - a Snow Day!!!!!!!!!

We all got a snow day today - finally! Henry's school was closed and my office was closed. It took a bit of convincing to get Henry out of the house to play in the snow but once he heard Jackie was outside and that he could use his new snowball maker the Troy and Maureen gave to him he couldn't wait! I couldn't either because I've been dying to get some snow pictures!



VERY CUTE! I love snow pictures!!

Daily dose of Dana said...

I love snow pics too- I saw the snowball maker thingy at target and i wanted to get one - just because but i thought my luck i would break a window with the snowball it made - but i did wish I had it on Friday!!! henry and jackie are so darn cute!

Amy said...

love the snow angel picture... I'm glad we got a good snow and now I'm ready for the spring! LOL!