Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Ok - so had to blog this - it's too funny not to share. For some reason Henry has been asking alot about religions lately. Maybe he's talking to someone at school - no idea. So we're driving home one day and he says "mommy, we need to go to church". I said "we do"? He said "yes, I need to get unjewish". I laughed and said "Unjewish"? He said "I need to go to church to become Catholic". I said "you ARE Catholic". I then had to explain about being Jewish and Catholic and all different types of religions. I would be afraid to step into church with that devil child!



How cute & innocent are kids - love it!

MaryB said...

I think you should all dress in your Sunday best and take him to church. Although, he may start asking questions that we ignored the answers to as kids...hmmm, good luck sister.